EcoGen – a commitment to innovation and sustainability

Funding for Climate Change Mitigation – Bankable Renewable Energy projects with good payback & IRR’s.

Governments “Resource Ownership” financial concepts and financial investment business stock growth and Revenue share from each Renewable Energy project – projects “Pay-for-Themselves”.

A passion for creating Sustainable Development

China – EcoGen – Funding you can count on & EPC

Funding available

EcoGen is interested in funding projects on an International basis, especially in the UK, Europe and Africa with good IRR & payback.

Continuous Support

Experience the fusion of imagination and expertise with EcoGen’s Funding Solutions.


EcoGen – Experienced Engineering, Procurement & Construction companies from China.


For our Africa work we have linked into our China partners and OmniCorp International Ltd.

Project Management

Internal teams will ensure smooth Project Management of each project.

Renewable Energy Solutions

A complete portfolio of Renewable Energy Technologies available.

An array of resources

China’s investments in renewable energy worldwide have played a significant role in fostering global cooperation in clean energy development and reducing greenhouse gas emissions


  • Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Green Hydrogen
  • Bioethanol Plants, Geothermal, Solar PV, Waste-to-Energy, Hydroelectricity Dams
  • Clean Coal technology


  • Funding – 100% Debt:Equity
  • EPC
  • Review Feasibility studies

“EcoGen has saved us thousands of tonnes of Carbon Dioxide and has unlocked funding and insights we never thought possible.”

Alan Brewer MSc.